Class 2 Energy Reality theory –Reality and our senses.

We now that that everything is energy but how does this make or influence our reality. We live our life through our sense. Our sense is how we price our reality from the external input. What else make our reality? It is our belief systems.

Belief system are things we were told that are true. It how things work how we should act.  Belief systems come from our parents, family, school, society, social group, media and advertising.  They say we must work hard, life is not easy, it take luck…. You know what that is full of crap. Life is about the flow of energy what we put out comes back.  Many people have ingrained belief systems that influxes how they think and reached but we can able to shift our energy to help rebalance those old belief systems. I am not saying that this is an easy task. Remember our energy affect others so shift your helps shift others.

The other thing is that we precise life though our senses.  For an example light and sound there is many spectrums of light and sound that we know exists but our sense cannot perceive them.  It is like having a radio with a frequency range of 99 to 107 but our dial one works between 100 and 101.  If that small rage makes up our realty what would happen if we can expand it by 1 to 99 to 102 what else could we experience how any other radio station would you get.  So by controlling and expanding our senses increases our reality.   To learn how to control and expand our senses checkout our last video in this training shifting our energy. 

For reminder and other information check out the book.