Class 1 Energy Reality theory – We are Energy

The first important concept is to realize we are all energy and everting around is also energy.  Looking at Einstein e=mc2    albert Einstein, in which E represents units of energy, m represents units of mass, and c 2 is the speed of light squared, or multiplied by itself . we can change this formula to say anything with a mass contains energy and light  m=e/c2.  That makes everting around is energy. Energy cannot be created or dibromide it just shifts. Energy influences each other.  Just by having two object next to each other there energy fields start to combined.  The clothing we ware, the color, the food we eat, the people around us all effects our energy. This energy around us can bring us up or bring us down.

One of my favorite things to work on this is the chakra system. We have 7 major chakras in our body each one gets connected to a mental/emotions, body system, food, planet and more. By understanding your chakras and keeping them balanced can help keep your energy in balanced.  Check our link to the chakra meditation.

How can we tell if our chakra are balanced? Our body tells us everting we just must listen to it. So it is important for you to stay present and in the moment.  When we are present then we can quite our self and listen to the body.  What are we listing for? We are seeing how our body reacted. Walk into a room how do you feel does it make you smile, or make your heart race or is it calming.    Slowly eat your food as you eat how is your body is your stomach upset, are your bloated or sleepy. This is our body’s way of telling you what it like or not.  So many of us are in a rush and have so many things going on in our mind that we miss the subtle clues our body gives us. Now that we have a better understanding of we are energy and signed to look for what makes our reality.  For more info check out class 2 reality and our senses also check out the kindle book Energy realty theory